Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Walk

Every day Mia asks me (by leading me around the house and pointing / grunting / whining) to do things for her. And maybe half the time I tell her no, and the other half I oblige.

Yes, you may have some more cheerios.

Sure, you may play with my ipod and pretend it's your smart phone.

OK, sure, let's play outside on the porch now.

No, you can't sit on the counter top.

No, you can't play inside the fridge.

No, you can't play with my laptop.

Well this afternoon her biggest (I mean biggest) request was to go for a walk.  Not in her stroller. Not in her wagon.  Not even in her bike-that-I-push-thing. She wanted to hoof it herself.  Old school.

So - here we went. Out the door.  Down the driveway.  To the street. (No sidewalks. I know.)

And I have to say, it was the best part of my day.  I had to walk   s l o w l y  with her hand in mine, as she looked up at the planes and this way at the dogs barking and that way at the neighbors' houses.

Then she decided exactly half way through that she wanted to take a little breather.  And you know what?

It was her walk. So we took a breather.


And we sat and we sat.  And we waved at neighbors as they drove by and waved back at the funny neighbors (us) on the curb, and we splashed our (her) hands in the puddle, and we enjoyed the cloudy, beautiful day.

And it was awesome.

And we (I) realized that sometimes, it's good to just say yes to the whims of my 1-year-old and go along for the ride.

[For an uneventful video of our excursion click here]

...Ahem.  This is part of my current 31 Days of Awesome Kick.


  1. Being a mother of an infant I can understand the feeling of seeing your infant walk for the first time.Its such a priceless feeling.