Monday, December 6, 2010

My Life, Pageant-Style

I heard on the radio one day that getting a tan makes you look 7-8 lbs lighter.  Does that mean that since my spray tan washed off, I look like I gained 8 lbs?

I believe not.  But it’s an understandable thought right?

So last April when I started thinking about the possibility of doing this pageant, I think one of the main fears I had was that I would regret it.  That I would inadvertently stick myself in some sort of category, or that I would embarrass myself, or that people would think it was stupid, inappropriate, a bad idea….yes a part of me cares what “people think.”  But basically, that I would have this huge, forever lingering regret and embarrassment. 

Well, I will say, it is one of the coolest feelings to put yourself out there and do something so vulnerable, so outside your box, a little risky, a little costly, and be 100% glad you did it.   And I will attest…the only way that will happen, is to be “OK” stepping into the unknown.  I mean, the unknown is all there is.  We might as well get used to it.

The weekend of the pageant was one of the coolest weekends I have experienced.  It had a lot of really cool things…fun, meeting new and great people, stretching myself, looking cute pretty much all the time, hard work paying off, and doing something, anything, even just standing there and being OK with it, in front of a thousand people.

So what are some awkward situations that can only come during pageant weekend?  Well let’s go through the list.  It’s not long, thank goodness, but they did manage to color my weekend.

First I have to say that when my dad was laughing with me about my sister’s to-do list (see previous post), he couldn’t believe she needed to write down even the “little” things…bobby pins for instance.  I told him, Dad, sometimes when you have a million things to do, the little things are the easiest to forget!  So, what did I forget the first night of competition? 

To Shave.

Yes, I forgot to shave.  Shave what you may ask?  People I forgot to shhaaayyVuuhh.  And let me tell you, this wasn’t just one of those “oh it’s ok, I just shaved yesterday” situations.  It was one of those “oh I only got to shave before my spray tan Thursday night, and have sort of been distracted for the last 48 hours and now need to go out on stage with a spotlight” situations.  So, there I was, in a room with two mirrored walls and 25 girls, with no room to even scratch your behind without somebody seeing, so I went into the bathroom stall, in this crowded dressing room, to check things out.  And I’ll have to say…a spray tan sure deals out some massive forgiveness in an unshaven situation.  I mean, if you got up CLOSE to my calves and other areas you could tell, but other than that, it wasn’t a disaster.  It was even close to magic.  Here was hoping a spot light, those fast-paced arm movements in the opening dance, and a zoom lens would be just as forgiving.  Moral of the story:  when changing up your routine, focus!  And to-do lists can really save you sometimes.

Next up:  Sunday morning: 6:30am.  So 8:05 am was my scheduled one-on-one interview appointment with the 5 judges, which entailed being all dolled up and in a cute little interview dress, ready to talk about…yourself, basically.  After getting to bed at about 1am the night before from all the omg I was just on stage adrenaline, I awoke at 6:30 to get ready for the important morning.  I plugged my Hot Tools curling iron in, and noticed it wasn’t working.  Not Working!!??  My awesome roommate Layne came over to help (she was Miss Congeniality of course), and while we are both standing there, in our pj’s, messing with the cord and trying to get it to work, a loud CRACK, Sparks, and smoke came flying from the metal rod.  Layne threw it on the floor and after we realized we weren’t starting a fire, we laughed our butts off.  Not for long of course…I had to get ready!  But there goes my curling iron, right before my Interview, and before the most important night!  Moral of the story:  Always room with Miss Congeniality.  She’ll be sure to bring the Almond Butter, and let you use her curling iron anytime you like.  I think my hair looked better using her curling iron anyway.

One more little mishap:  90 minutes from Show Time.  So after a long day of interviews, packing, and more rehearsals, it was 5:30pm, time to get ready for the big show.  We had all done our hair and make up earlier that morning for the interviews, so I had planned on just touching up like I did the night before.  Some extra eye-liner, fresh lips, a few extra curls, and I’m all set, right?  Well everyone around me was in the “this is a bigger deal than fresh lips” mentality, and I sort of got a little inadvertent peer pressure.  If everyone ELSE is totally re-doing their make-up, maybe I should too!?  So I asked one of the girls for an extra make-up removing cloth and took it aaallll off.  Time to Re-Do.  Well, that was until I realized that I left my foundation, my all-important, can’t really do your make-up without it foundation, in another bag far far away!  What the heck!!  Well, thank goodness I was in a room with 25 really nice girls and more make-up than a MAC counter.  So really nice girls AND my pick of foundation shades.  Problem solved.  Moral:  Surround yourself with great people and you’ll be fine.

So finally, what are my biggest takeaways from the weekend?  One of them: That stereotypes are always there for a reason, but stereotypes are never the whole story.  I hope you got a taste of that after reading previous posts about this experience, about our pageant director’s advice, about everything.  Nothing is ever as it seems!  And that goes for pageants, “pageant girls”, everything.  I am happy I was able to (hopefully) help prove this fact.

And another takeaway:  back to one of the reasons I did this:  I learned a lot about myself, and I learned about things I can do that I never thought I could.  Remember that post a while back about “I could never do that!”  Well adding this situation to my “I did that” list literally makes me feel like I could do, or try, about anything.  I get to keep this in my back pocket anytime I get nervous about anything (like my first speech at Toastmasters a week ago) and remind myself…Hey.  You stood on a stage.  In a bikini.  With a spot light.  You even forgot to shave.  And you did… Awesome.   

What the heck is a better feeling than that?    

And that my friends and family, is worth the price of Pageant Registration.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Our Deepest Fear

Alright, I'm heading to the hotel tomorrow (where I'll be staying the whole weekend with the other contestants with little contact with the outside world) but I have one quote to share before I go.  It pretty much speaks for itself.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”
-Marianne Williamson
Maybe read it one more time.  Let it sink in.  Write it down.

And with's time for some fun!!!!!!!!!!!

If you are interested in watching the prelims or the pageant live online, check out
7pm MST (AZ), 8pm Central

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Universal To-Do List

So this weekend is also a big weekend for another member of my family, my baby sister Maddy!  She is a super studd on her high school varsity volleyball team in South Dakota, and they are at the SD State Championship Tournament right now!!!!!!  So apparently our family is pretty cool right now.  Special THANKS to our parents for being the best supporters a kid could ask for!  My dad will be in SD cheering the girls on, and my mom and 2 friends are flying out to support me!  What a blessing this truly is.

The best part:  When two sisters have a Big Weekend, apparently only ONE packing list is needed to cover any situation.  So, thanks to Maddy for making a very detailed packing list for her volleyball tourney, and also thanks for leaving it out for Dad to steal and scan to ME!  This is basically everything I'll need for my pageant weekend.  Just change "nice shirt" to my Evening Gown, and those "kakie pants" (maddy..Kakie??) to my Interview Dress,  and the "spandex" to my Swimsuit, and we're all set.  I may or may not leave the head bands at home.  Oh ya, and mom when you come can you just bring the money?  Great...thanks!

GO PANTHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

3 Days To Go!

A few weeks ago we had our Contestant Orientation.  Our Pageant Director (Britt) pretty much spoke to us for 6 hours about logistics, rules, tips, everything we needed to know about the upcoming weekend.  The main thing that she kept drilling into us was that “This. is Just. a Pageant.”  I really appreciated that, because with the amount of money, time, energy, and outward support connected with this weekend, it is really important to keep it in perspective with the rest of our lives, the rest of our world, etc.   So I think this is something we can all think about in the midst of the “big things” in our lives (not that they’re not big of course), and I hope that this attitude carries over in my next big adventure, whatever that may be.  In the Grand Scheme of Things, i.e. family crises, childbirth, learning to love others, getting to Heaven…this is just another experience to prepare me for the next thing to come in some way or another.  I mean…knowing where to find body adhesive?  Check.
Another thing our Director talked about which has stuck with me even more, and I hope to carry this into the rest of my life as well, is to have a Goal beyond the Goal.  This weekend, my goal is to win Miss Arizona USA.  That would be great, right?  But this is sort of something I can’t control once the weekend begins…I can do my best, but it is completely up to the judges.  So it’s good to have another Goal, something that I can control, that will make me feel like I “won” Sunday night no matter what, to make this an even more meaningful experience.  What a great way to live our lives, if every time we tried for a certain “goal” (wanna win State Volleyball anyone?) we had another goal in mind as well that we had 100% control over that we can still shoot for and WIN at, and make our experiences that much richer…AND to realize that there are more important things than winning and losing.
So I’ll just tell you a few of mine (of course I have more than one!  Do you know me?!). 
1.  To be fully present at all times.  This is definitely something I struggle with… “I can’t wait to go to college..”; “I can’t wait to get married..”; “I can’t wait for Bootcamp to be here..”; “ I can’t wait for Bootcamp to end!!”  …on and on.  I am making it a general goal in my life, but especially this weekend.  This also includes having fun in every situation.  Rehearsals: fun. Sharing a room with (sort of) a stranger: fun.  The frightening experience of being on stage: fun.  Bleeding Blisters from fancy heals right before I step out on stage: dude so not fun.  But I promise to smile.
2.  Connect, even a little bit, with each contestant (I think there are 49??).  So I also have a tendency to stick with who/what I am comfortable with, and in doing so I miss out on connecting with others, stretching myself, etc.  So sitting with a different group of girls each meal, hanging out with different people, etc. is the game plan.  OH and making them laugh of course.  This could potentially make blisters fun.  Noted.
And Lastly, Britt told us to set an appointment on the Monday after the pageant to do something for someone else.  Another great idea!  Seriously, especially during the last 2 weeks I have felt like everything has been about me…what we talk about at lunch, what I talk about over drinks with friends, emails and texts and Facebook messages, going to fitting appointments, wardrobe advice, people consoling me when I cry… I mean I am kind of gagging on myself to tell you the truth.  At the time Britt told us to do this, I was like – “ya, great idea…this is right up my alley.”  But lately I have realized just how wise this advice really is when we do something like this!  I literally am SO Excited to do something for somebody else, and not talk about the pageant, and just focus on what I’m doing and who I’m with.  This needs to be about Them.  A little humility, a little back to reality, and we’re all set.  And of course I’m not telling you what I’m doing.

I don't know how these two are both true at the same time, but they just are:
This is just a Pageant.
This is more than just a Pageant.
I hope you take away some of this for your next Big Thing.  Stay grounded, and have fun!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

AAANNND some pictures

My Dressss

Booty Shot

The Suit, minus the is this OK?

Fancy Shoes..

Oh and Ellie my Elephant.  Just a little gift from the love of my life, plus a source of pure enjoyment every time I prance past it in my heals during those commercial breaks.  Everyone should have a little project while they work on a Big Project that's just for fun.  Let's not get too serious people. 


So TOMORROW is the one week mark (oh. em. gee.), and apparently my grandmother keeps bugging my dad about what I have been doing to prepare in these final days.
Knowing how often I get this question as well, I might as well answer it here huh?  Even though Grandma doesn’t get the internet, somebody please fill that woman in!
1.       I’ve started with the Tan.  I’m not super excited about this since I swore it off years ago, but it’s back one last time.  Maybe leave this out for Grandma.
2.       Alterations!  My evening gown -I just tried it on today and it is looking AWESOME; Swimsuit – maybe the most awkward thing to get fitted…two ladies with strong (Brittish??) accents in my nether regions.   The experience may have tied with the lady without the private changing room. Interview dress – standard;  Heals – yes I needed to get my heals altered.  This is pretty much because I bought them online, and then subsequently got a tongue lashing from who I like to call my Russian Cobbler Couple (extremely nice) about the idiocy of purchasing ANYthing without trying it on. 
3.       Working out…same ol’.  Though a big black guy asked me the other day if I was an athlete, because my leg muscles “were so defined”.  I will admit this pretty much made my day.  Now if he had said “Are you training for a Pageant?”…… I may have been a little weirded out.
4.       Kicking the clean eating up a notch.  Plus No cheating, i.e. no sweets. I will have to say…working the discipline muscle on a regular basis, though causing fatigue at times (and failure), does make you stronger!  This has surprisingly become less of a big deal each day. 
5.       Going in for a hair practice appointment (something I made up) at my hair salon!  This is going to be fun.  Um, how can I make my hair bigger please? 
6.       Reading the local newspaper and the Huffington Post.  
7.       Practicing answering questions…I downloaded 200 pageant questions to my phone (great first date questions too, if anyone is going on one of those..) and I usually answer a few while I drive each day...mmm, probably leave that out for Grandma too.
8.       Wearing my heals at home….walking around at commercial breaks, wearing them while I make dinner…it’s quite the sight my roommates will assure you.
Thank you thank you THANK YOU to everyone who has helped me along the way!  All your support and encouragement has gone a LONG WAY, and just being there when I cried (which actually happened each day for the following four days after I wrote that silly post), or helping me out financially, or giving me advice, or "liking" my posts, has meant so much to me.  Rally Hats people...One week to go! 

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Four States of Crying

I’ve got to be honest, watching, hearing and reading people’s reactions to the news that I’ll be doing a pageant has been very interesting.  I would like to discuss one such reaction.  Let’s call it the “I could never do that!” reaction.  I’ve done more than a few things in my life that has caused this to come out of people's mouths, and finally it is time to set the record straight.

On my most recent road trip I was reminded of the time I decided to transfer to a college all the way out in Ohio when I was 19.  This was a pretty big deal for me, my family, everybody, you know?  I mean, people (amusingly) called it the “east coast” for goodness sake!  Even though it was so exciting to me, I cried and cried and cried.  I mean, I cried in my car with my little 9-year-old sister crying next to me until we got to Illinois.  That’s four states of crying!  These types of things aren’t easy.  But I went for it. 

So now it’s time to introduce a little idea I got from my bff Stephen Covey.  The idea of the “Personal Integrity Account.”  For today’s subject, we’ll call it the “Personal I-Can-Do-This Account.”  It works just like a bank account…you make withdrawals and the account lessens, you make deposits and it grows.  Sooo every time I do something a little crazy, far from home, FARTHER from home, in a desert, in a delivery room, in a leadership position, etc. etc., I make deposits. Every time I convince myself I can't do something and don't even try, I make withdrawals.  Deposits obviously help me become more confident that I can at least try whatever I set my mind to.  It’s just a matter of building up the account, you know?

Remember that the next time you say to yourself “I could never do that!”  What we tell ourselves usually becomes true.    

Did I cry on my trip down to Arizona?  Yes. Probably 20 minutes.  Did I cry the morning of the first day I was the new Director of a house with 3 other staff plus 6 pregnant and hormonal women who were NOT happy I moved in?  Yes.  Have I cried at some point along this pageant journey?  Yes.  Did I cry on the plane to study abroad in Europe?  No.  Who cries on their way to Europe?

I hope you get my point.  Try something new!  Build up that Personal I-Can-Do-This Account.  It gets easier, you get stronger, and it’s a LOT of fun.  Crying about something just means you’re being stretched…which usually means it’s worth it.

Friday, October 29, 2010

The Fine Print

It's time to review some of those "possible" side effects that are often associated with being a pageant contestant.
  • Unexpected removal problems of fake eye lash experiments may lead to late arrival to work in the morning.
  • Keeping lotion on hand 24/7 because of a last-ditch effort for Silky Smooth Skin may lead to multiple explosions and/or leaks at inconvenient times on inconvenient items.
  • Busy-ness surrounding multiple work-outs, grocery shopping, fitting appointments, etc., may lead to forgetfulness in important matters such as packing a bra for a 2 1/2 day business trip.
  • Packing for multiple workouts for a 2 1/2 day business trip, while also wearing workout clothes more often, may lead to having obnoxiously bright-colored sports-bras on hand to wear in case packing issues may occur.
  • Some situations may cause you to seriously consider the social acceptability of either bright sports-bra visibility or "nothing at all" in a business meeting setting.
  • Having an abundance of protein powder on hand may inadvertently lead to a second career in (illegal) individual serving sales.
  • Discussing macro-nutrient breakdowns of your diet with a baby-boomer, especially revealing the amount of (healthy) fat you may be taking in, may cause them to wrongfully deduce this means an increase in potato chip consumption.
  • Bedtime dreams may or may not reveal subconscious fears about stage-readiness; each dream will most likely involve the only stage you have ever been on, including small-town high school gym stages.
  • Adding a few two-a-day workouts a week may cause you to seriously consider the importance of showering.  Even on a work day.
  • On Day One of a more strict diet plan, you may spend an inordinate amount of thought on What Really Is Your Favorite Dessert that you will be eating in 6 days?
  • Stomach pain may or may not result after a rapid fire consumption of a 16 oz bottle of water that you added a sugar-free Crystal Lite mix to, it being filled with aspartame and therefore making it the sweetest thing you've eaten in 4 days.
Now, if you ever consider anything similar to pageantry, you have been warned.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


One of the things I’ve had to submit recently was my “profile,” which consisted of a few questions, one of which being  - What is your favorite quote?
So I thought it was a great opportunity, since I don’t really have a Favorite, favorite, to really pick out a good quote that I love that not a lot of people have heard.  So…you’ll have to wait for my real (much shorter) answer till the pageant of course, but here was the runner up:
“To a great extent, the level of any civilization is the level of its womanhood.  When a man loves a woman, he has to become worthy of her.  The higher her virtue, the more her character, the more devoted she is to truth, justice, goodness, the more a man has to aspire to be worthy of her…” – Bishop Fulton Sheen
This is one of my favorite quotes, and especially for this situation, because a) it speaks about the value of a virtuous woman, b) pageants are all about “womanhood”, c) a man said the quote, d) women need to hear things like this every once-in-a-while to remember our influence, d) I think it also goes both ways… “better men” in society will also lead to “better women”, e) this has a lot to do with what I am “standing for” in this pageant…what is true womanhood, what is true beauty, etc. 
There was also a good quote I almost chose relating to this from Proverbs 31:30… “Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.”  I think keeping our “beauty” in perspective of our other strengths, virtues, values, etc. is one of the key ingredients to real beauty.
And a key ingredient to real womanhood?  Respectable Undergarments.  So I went over to the house of this lady, as sweet and innocent as my grandmother….wait, I mean I went over to the house of this lady as sweet as my grandmother and also innocent, (you know what I'm talking about, Grandma), to get my evening gown fitted.  She brought me in to her sewing room and without a blink, said “Ok let’s put your dress on.”  I said, “umm, just right here?”  She replied, “Yup. Don’t worry – nobody’s home.”   I mean…ok.   Pretending like this was standard protocol, I got to business.  And literally as my skirt hit the floor I thanked God and my Mother for teaching me to wear respectable underwear.  Let's be serious...there is more than one worst-case scenario floating around in your heads right now.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Dancing With The Former Miss Arizona 2011

So a few months ago a peer coach of mine suggested I write out a list of 100 reasons I want to be Miss Arizona, because I was lacking some motivation at the time.  I came up with about 52 reasons (and called it good), but it was a great experience!  It’s a great way to get down to the real core of why you want to do something, and I suggest it to anyone who needs a little help with motivation.  I am often at the gym thinking of some of these list items when I am wondering why the heck I have to do another set of bent over dumbell rear delts at this ungodly hour.

Anyway, I recently thought of reason #53:  I really want to be on Dancing with the Stars someday.  I mean, I love, LOVE, this show.  I used to think it was pretty lame, a sort of old-fashioned show for the “older” crowd who wish TV was the way it used to be, like the Carol Burnett Show or something.  Well, I guess I was sucked in for two reasons this season, #1 being Bristol Palin, a “non-celebrity” celebrity who I admire a lot for her PSA ad about teen pregnancy ; and #2 because my second boyfriend, Kurt Warner, is on too!  Yes yes I’m a little narcissistic with 2 trainers, 2 boyfriends..ANYWAY,  I just can’t stop watching the show and wishing I was on it.  As Joel can testify, even the night we met we were out dancing and I asked him to do my – as he calls it – “signature move,” saying “hey, can you Twirl me please?”  Ooh the twirl..

So, just another reason to get my butt in the gym in the morning….after my reign as Miss AZ, I will be writing a very convincing letter to DWTS to invite me on the 2012 season.  Here goes nothin!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Better Hair

So I left a message with my fav hair salon yesterday asking if they'd be interested in sponsoring me.  For salons this means, you know, free stuff.  I said I was thinking nails and maybeee Hair Extensions.  If anyone has seen Chris Rock's documentary "Good Hair" you know where this is going.

So I got a call back already this morning (unheard of!) and spoke with the most upbeat salon manager ever.  He was so great, said they'd love to sponsor me, take care of everything, and asked me to come in and talk about it.  So...three hours later I went in and talked about the pageant, what I could use from them, advertising that they'd get, etc., and he sent me over to an extensions consult.  Before he did that, he said he had to go and talk to the owner of the salon to talk about what they could offer me.  (Uh oh)

And this is the part where I am constantly digging from my backpack of Life Skills I've learned at Maggie's Place.  Life Skill #18: Keeping a Straight Face. 

So near the end of the conversation, incredibly nice and unassuming Hair Extensions girl says that the salon decided they can help me with 20% of the cost.  At this point, all has been lost...I've seen "Good Hair" twice now, I knew what was coming, and my intention was to find a way to do this for free or not at all.  But I had to ask anyway.  "So how much would this cost?" I asked.  And in the sweetest, matter-of-fact voice she replied "$895 dollars."

Un-zip the backpack
where is it
where is it
there it is

Straight Face.

Holy ?*@T!  People actually pay this amount of money every day, for hair.  "Better Hair" that is, not just Hair...because most of us all have hair right?!  Now you may be wondering, Kristin why were you so intersted in hair extensions anyway?  They are so inauthentic, fake, yada yada yada.  Well I've seen enough pictures of winners of pageants in the past 6 months to make me realize that long hair is iiiiiinnnnnn.  And for those of you who witnessed a traumatic hair cut last summer, you will understand how much I desire and miss my long hair in the first place.  So I thought, what the heck, right?  Wrong.

And now magically my hair looks longer in the mirror already.  I am very grateful for my hair, for the money in my bank account no matter how much or how little there is, and for my values and boundaries keeping me sane in a sometimes insane world.  

I mean, Eight Hundred and Ninety-Five Dollars!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pageant Prep

So..Whatever does it take to compete for a pageant? 

Let me tell you.

1.  Dating a professional “trainer”.  Then hiring a second one.  A girl can’t have too many men calculating her body fat % right? (Just kidding..Joel only did that once, after a nagging request by me). 

So what does this really mean?  This means much more purpose (and weight training!) to my workouts, which means early to bed, early to rise, spending time on YouTube looking up the new workouts my (hired) trainer “prescribes”, which actually means…a little hard work and a lot of fun!  A specific goal makes working out more enjoyable for me, which was one of the reasons I decided to do this crazy thing anyway…a fun way to shoot for a new goal.  Call me crazy.

The less fun part: food journals emailed weekly.  Yuk.  I just want a dessert everyday.  With a scoop of peanut butter on top.  Whats so wrong with that?!  Well I haven’t cut those out Completely (let’s be real), but that doesn’t mean I don’t have in my possession rediculously space-consuming 5 lb containers of both Vanilla and Chocolate protein.  Oh and a little 2 lb one of "Cinnemon Roll" for breakfast!  Upside:  Well I could sing the song of body-transforming benefits of upping one’s protein intake throughout the day, but let’s get to the real benefit: apparently joining the Protein Powder Club is “a turn on” for some.  I won’t name names.

2.  Paying more attention to fashion, hair, make-up, etc.  Usually this is already on a girl’s list, however I guess it takes a little thing called a Pageant to get on mine.  So to my stylists Lisa, Chariti, Kim… and make-up and hair consultant Joni Laree…THANK YOU!

3.  Formulating my "WHO" (coachspeak); Paying even more attention to news, current events, etc.  No repeating the Pageant Contestant stereotype here.  This also includes some soul searching and critical thinking…formulating concrete yet malleable opinions, brainstorming ideas, knowing what I believe, knowing why I believe it, etc.  This will definitely be a lifelong process for me, and in my opinion, should be on everyone’s list.

4.  Finding sponsors…this is not a free gig!  There’s the hefty contestant fee, plus everything that goes along with it….The studded and flow-y Evening Gown; The Swimsuit that will both cover and enhance…well things that need covering and “enhancing” (lets be real again.  I love my body, but in competition?  Another story.)  The trendy-yet-classy-but-not-too-business-y Interview Outfit; The Shoes;  The appropriate Jewelry for each; The extra hair and make-up Stuff I do not already own; The Tan; The Elmer’s Spray Glue; The extra Training advice…Yup I think that about covers it.  So….Thank you so much to my generous Friends and Sponsors who have helped so far!!!  I seriously could not be doing this without you!              

5.   Practicing, practicing, practicing.  Practice walking right, standing right, sitting right (hello exercise ball turned office chair), walking in Heals, experimenting with make-up, experimenting with hair…etc. etc.  I told Joel he has to take me out to fancy places every weekend now so I can practice the heals, make-up, hair, etc….hmm..maybe THIS is why I signed up for this.

So – all in all this has shaped up to be a pretty fun journey towards an interesting and fun new goal.  I can’t wait to see what the next 6 weeks brings!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

6 Weeks To Go!

So I remember around my high school graduation everyone talking about, referencing, or receiving as a gift the Dr. Seuss’s book, “Oh the Places You’ll Go!”  Beyond the cliché, I can honestly say my wildest 18-year-old imagination did not do the last 7 years of my life justice.  Some adventures I've taken thus far: Driving my Explorer Sport around the country; Living in a foreign country; Building a house in a slum in Mexico; Interning in Washington DC; Farming with my dad; um..Maggie's Place anyone?; Cutting an umbilical cord; Running a half marathon; Becoming a Life Coach
Next on my list: Wear a bikini, heels, and Elmer’s spray glue on a stage while being judged on physical fitness.  Otherwise known as the Miss Arizona USA Pageant.  So of course this isn’t the most important part of the pageant (though some may argue)…let’s be serious, it will definitely be the toughest part.  For me anyway, and any other normal human being.  So that’s on the table. 
So for those of you interested in following this exploration and development of self, adventure, and complaints about the lack of sweets in my life…come on board!  I’d love your support, comments, questions, suggestions, and everything in between. 
Q: When is the pageant?
A: November 19-21.  The 20th and 21st will be open to the public in Mesa, AZ.  Stay tuned for more details!

Q: Can I come watch??
A: I would love for you to come!  It will be in Mesa at the Mesa Arts Center.  Ticket information is not yet available…I’ll let you know as soon as I know!  Witty T-shirts will most likely be involved. 

Q: What is your talent?
A: Being Awesome.  (Thanks Joel)  So, there is no talent portion for this competition..

Q: Why isn’t there a talent portion?
A:  Miss USA pageants have no talent portion, Miss America pageants do.

Q: What is the difference between Miss USA and Miss America pageants?
A: In a nutshell:  Miss USA (my affiliate) is owned by Trump; the winner of the state pageants go on to Miss USA, the winner of that goes on to Miss Universe.  From what I’ve heard, most of these contestants have never been in a pageant before (i.e. me).  There is no talent or “platform” needed.  There are just the Interview, Swimsuit, and Evening Gown competitions.

Miss America pageants are owned by..I have no idea..and leading up to the state pageants are many preliminary pageants; I’ve heard most of these girls have done 1 if not many other pageants; They have a platform and also a Talent competition along with the Interview, Swimsuit, and Evening Gown competitions.

Q: What are you doing to prepare?
A: Well you’re going to have to read my blog.

Q: Why do you want to do this crazy pageant?
A: See previous.