Friday, November 7, 2014

Halloween re-cap, this week in podcasting, and an Advent Calendar in 7QT's

Ok you guys. Don't judge me, but this song has been playing on repeat in my house all week.  I just have to share it!!

I am still thinking about how fun Halloween was last weekend with Mia.  We started the night off with a potluck neighborhood block party, and then went out trick-or-treating like it was our j-o-b.

I think maybe because I had Zero expectation for Mia having very much fun, is why when she started having fun, it was SO MUCH FUN!  

After her first few houses, she started getting the hang of it and  r u n n i n g  up to the houses with her little candy bag in hand.  The funny thing was, she didn't know it was candy! She just thought it was fun to grab these wrapper things out of other people's baskets.  She would keep grabbing one-by-one until she got cut off.  It was so funny.

Yes I am wearing shorts and a tank top on Halloween night.  I, too, think this is crazy.

I'm still sad she refused to wear the first costume I bought for her this year...she was just the cutest little unhappy ladybug. 

On the Podcast this week, Bonnie Engstrom shares her amazing miracle story, along with a fun conversation about blogging!!  She ends with 5 blogging tips.  She's so awesome.

She gives a super funny rendition on her blog of the hilariousness going on at her house during the interview.  It truly was very funny as it all happened, because of course there's just nothing you can do!  All the noise gave me a fun peak into what a house with many kids sounds like...and I loved it. :)

Next week - on the Podcast - you guys.  It is going to be another amazing episode.  My heart is literally bursting at the seams.  I can't tell you who it is yet, but I can tell you that you are going to Love It.

For any of you who went to college with me, you may get a hint from this photo, dug up from the deep college photo abyss. 

 Little Flowers - May 2005

And that's all I'll tell you.

My last podcast take and then I promise to move on, but I am just so so excited that This Inspired Life made it to #1 on Christianity's New & Noteworthy!! <<Photo evidence to keep tucked near my heart forever because I'm such a nerd, of course.

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who has helped spread the word!!! I am just blown away. Thank You Thank You!!!

Another super fun announcement. So for the past few Advents I have been looking for just the right kind of calendar for me.  One that is beautiful, decorative, and that also includes the daily mass readings. All-In-One.

Well everybody, I thought about it all year, and then finally decided a month ago to just make my own.

Eek!  I am so excited about it.  My amazing and talented friend Clarissa created the artwork, and on the backs are the daily Gospel readings and a short reflection by me.  I am selling it on Etsy, so if you're interested check it out!

Lastly, a quote by C.S. Lewis about miracles in honor of Bonnie's story she shared on my podcast this week. Because he's so awesome at making me think.

Have an awesome weekend everyone!! And GO ND, BEAT ASU!!!  I'll be there in person since it's here in AZ...pretty much deserves it's own miraculous take.  I have the best husband in the world.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the song! I can see why it's on repeat. I actually like this version better than the original. My girls have been watching the voice, I'll have to see if they remember hearing this song.

    1. Jenny, I totally agree! This version is way better than the original. :)

  2. Wow! That Advent calendar is such a great idea and seeing ND play is on my bucket list, so I'm pretty jealous!

  3. Congratulations on #5! Yay! And ooh, great C.S. Lewis quote there. Will have to pin that one.

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