Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Mom vs. Toddler...What's in your bag?

I am interrupting this very lazy blog hiatus to talk about my bag.
I need a new bag you guys.
GUESS how long I have owned this bag? freshman year in college.  Of course I haven't used it every day since then, but for those of you who don't know how long ago that was for me, that was Fall, 2003. 12 Years!!!

(Oh my gosh??)

It is all leather, definitely the most expensive bag I have ever purchased, and it stood up straight and had that new-leathery-shine when it was brand new.  I just love it so much and can't seem to give it up, even with the ripped seams and the massive hole in the lining where I just found 8 pens hiding last week.

BUT, when I saw the linkup and giveaway on Nell's blog for a new Lily Jade bag, I just had to post! And since the giveaway requests to know what's in my bag...

There are the contents in all their glory.
-Huggie's wipes clutch
-SkipHop diaper clutch / changing pad (screams new mom, I know.......)
-Wallet clutch (clutch theme anyone?)
-Mama water bottle
-Toddler water bottle
-A classy ziplock with Puffs Plus....hello allergy season
-Snack (usually there are about 4 different options of snacks in my bag but you caught me on a weird day...

Someone just recently asked if my bag was organized, and I said organization isn't my main goal, but simplicity is.  Still a work in progress...but...not bad? As long as I hide my junk in multiple clutches? haha.

Anyway, I refuse to give you the link because I really need to win.

But now I feel bad, so here it is.  uugh. Please don't enter.

And a bonus 2-for-1!!  Since Mia is in a crazy bag-lady-phase (usually carrying around 2-3 purses at any given time, all with their own specially curated contents), I thought I'd take a peak inside one of those treasure receptacles and see what I found...

-Cereal crumbs still left in the bag
-Outlet safety cover (hhmmmm)
-Toy car a neighbor accidentally left at our house 6 months ago
-Wooden stacking toy
-Velcro hair roller
-Cell phone
-Secret burner cell phone
-Plastic hot dogs
-Mom & dad's Crest they've been looking for all week and literally just found because of this post
-2 books

Which reminds me of a tip someone once gave that if you want to increase the number of books you read, carry one around with you so you can read whenever you have a free moment (or something like that).

My daughter must be super smart......

Thanks to Lily Jade & Nell over at Whole Parenting for inspiring me to break my lazy streak and share something!!

Have a great week ya'll!


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