Last year I spent the first 4 months after turning 28 completely unaware that I turned 28.  Now, I just turned 29 and feel like it happened 4 months too soon!  What is happening to my brain!

Oh yeah. A baby.

Good thing she's super cute:

Anyway, here's the three of us...

...On the only family hike we've gone on all year.

The baby's name is Mia Katherine, like "Mee-ah," (you'd be surprised) , and Katherine after my mom.  Who's real name isn't technically Katherine..just slightly different, longish story. Here's another close up because isn't she so cute:

I am married to an awesome, funny, smart, inspiring guy named Joel.  He is from Georgia originally, and more than one person has noted that his voice sounds a little like this guy.  Need I say more? We met in 2008 and were married November of 2011.  See here for a short summary of our engagement story.

He is a Strength and Conditioning Coach at EXOS, formerly called Athlete's Performance.  Pretty much the coolest place to work ever.

I promise not all of the photos I post of my husband are with his shirt off.

And me.. I'm sort of a self improvement (and home improvement) junkie, who has a little bit more ambition than what's good for her. I love everything that helps keep me healthy and happy and I'm excited to share my findings with you! 

I also just started a PODCAST!!!!!!  You need to check it out.  It's super fun.  It's like an on-demand radio show (think Netflix meets talk radio), and I interview suuuuper cool people like her, and her, and her.

We talk about faith, family, parenting, etsy biz, and pretty much anything related to being a Catholic-Christian-Mama.

Here's what Mia thinks:

And lastly, here is a picture of me on my way to a neighborhood bar, before I had a care in the world:

Oh, the days.

Additional facts:
>> I worked for 6 1/2 years at Maggie's Place, a nonprofit that provides homes and support for homeless pregnant women.  I spent two of those years living IN one of those homes as an in-house staff member, and it was one of the most meaningful and eye-opening experiences I've ever had.
>> I am now a Stay At Home Mom! 
>> I am originally from South Dakota, and spent 3 summers on a tractor cutting, raking, bailing and stacking hay on my dad's farm.
>> I am a certified Life Coach.  I love helping people improve their lives and get moving towards their goals. That's basically it.
>> I am trying to get to Heaven, and love my Catholic faith.
>> I got my undergrad degree in Theology and Mental Health at Franciscan University of Steubenville.  I still think about the things I learned and the people I met almost every single day.  It is that cool of a place.
>> I often start projects and never finish them.  I am working on this.
>> I love crafting: making paper and fabric flowers, crocheting, and I am excited to learn how to sew!  When I make something with my hands, I feel awesome.
>> I consider myself "sorta crunchy" and do crazy things like clean with vinegar, cloth diaper when I'm in the mood, and use coconut oil for hand lotion.  I stay up at night thinking about microwaves and chemicals and tap water that will probably never hurt me.

Welcome!  To all things Healthy, Happy and Home. y.


  1. Really excited to be finding some really great blogs of other fun Catholic moms. I totally feel you about your last point about being worried about microwaves and chemicals! I am the same way....it drives me batty sometimes!

    1. Christina, thanks for stopping by! Do you blog? I would love to check yours out too! :)

  2. Hi Kristin! I followed you over here from a comment you left on my blog (about hairbrushes... ;) )
    I've already browsed a few posts, but you're on my list of "things to do" at the kids' nap time today when I will wade through your archives and declare you are one of my new favorite finds. (I LOVED that entertainment center re-do for your craft supplies!!! You did an awesome job - functional AND pretty!)
    I don't think our time at FUS overlapped, but I went there also! I'm sorry if I ever did meet you and just don't remember. I was a student there from '96 - 2000 and an RD in St.Thomas More for four years after that. (My husband is a former RD too!)
    Anyway... happy to find you! Hope I haven't worried you by announcing my plans to stalk your blog this afternoon. I'm sure looking forward to it!

    1. Thank you so much Theresa!! :) Come back anytime...

  3. Kristin, you probably don't remember me, but I think I was a freshman when you were a senior and I visited Little Flowers a lot! My friend Becky intented and then I intented to Stella. Anyway, I just found your podcast and thought your picture looked so familiar, and it clicked when you mentioned Little Flowers in Episode 1. You also worked with my cousin, Sarah Smith, at Maggie's Place I think! Small world! I'm looking forward to your podcast, and adding your blog to my reader!😄

  4. Nicole, what a small world!! You look super familiar!! :) Thanks so much for coming by, and so glad you are liking the podcast too! :)

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