Friday, August 23, 2013

My Grandpa Joe

So I have gone back to work - part time.  Yes I miss Miss Mia, and yes I'd love to be able to sit at home, play with her, and watch Ellen.  BUT - I am glad in many ways to be back.

One of the things I love about where I work is that we stop every day at 3pm-ish and say a quick 15 minute prayer together.  On Thursdays, we add on what we call "Thursday check-in" where we all go around and answer a random question, and also add anything we need to tell the group work-wise.  

Yesterday's question asked "Who do we admire, and why?"  I thought I would elaborate on and share my answer.

One of the main people in my life that I admire is my late Grandpa Joe (my dad's dad).  He was a simple, humble farmer from South Dakota.

No this is not my grandpa.  But it IS my sister Maddy on our farm!  I helped farm a few summers in college with my grandpa, and this rusty red tractor is what he used to come check on me with out in the field.  You know, making sure I wasn't in any danger and/or slacking off.

Here's what I remember about him, and the ways that I would like to emulate him in my life:

1. He had an amazing faith.  It seemed like he always believed that God would provide for him no matter what.  And in a business that is contingent on the weather, he never seemed to stress about it.  He put in the hard work, and trusted that he would be taken care of come drought, hail, or beautiful rain.

2.  He LOVED my grandmother.  I will never forget this as long as I live.  Once, when he was in and out of the hospital during his final years, I walked into the hospital room and there was grandma, sitting on the bed with grandpa, kissing.  Practically making out!  They were still so in love, and that was so cool.  

3. He had a great sense of humor.  He was often teasing my grandma or his grandkids about something, and had a few inappropriate jokes up his sleeve.

4. He worked incredibly hard, and he took care of his family.  Sun up, to sun down.  At Christmas, he and my grandma would hand out envelopes to every kid and grandkid with cash in it.  We later found out that he would save money little by little all throughout the year and put it in the freezer till Christmas, no doubt with much sacrifice.  

While I remember a lot about my grandpa, these are those that always stick out.  I hope at the end of my life I can look back and feel at peace with how I loved and laughed.  I hope I can look at my work and life and say I put forward my best effort.  And I pray my faith stays strong even during hard times.

And of course - I hope my husband always, no matter where we are, takes me up on a little spontaneous make out sesh! 

Who do you admire and why?

PS.  I think it's so important to think deeply about and celebrate the people in our lives that we look up to!  If you are a blogger and want to link up a similar post, I'd be happy to link it here...just shoot me an email!  


  1. I am excited you are blogging again, Kristin! I had a Grandpa Joe and I loved him for many of the same reasons you listed about your grandpa. :) So sweet.

    1. Thanks Lauren!! That means so much. And Grandpa Joes are the best huh :)