Tuesday, November 16, 2010

3 Days To Go!

A few weeks ago we had our Contestant Orientation.  Our Pageant Director (Britt) pretty much spoke to us for 6 hours about logistics, rules, tips, everything we needed to know about the upcoming weekend.  The main thing that she kept drilling into us was that “This. is Just. a Pageant.”  I really appreciated that, because with the amount of money, time, energy, and outward support connected with this weekend, it is really important to keep it in perspective with the rest of our lives, the rest of our world, etc.   So I think this is something we can all think about in the midst of the “big things” in our lives (not that they’re not big of course), and I hope that this attitude carries over in my next big adventure, whatever that may be.  In the Grand Scheme of Things, i.e. family crises, childbirth, learning to love others, getting to Heaven…this is just another experience to prepare me for the next thing to come in some way or another.  I mean…knowing where to find body adhesive?  Check.
Another thing our Director talked about which has stuck with me even more, and I hope to carry this into the rest of my life as well, is to have a Goal beyond the Goal.  This weekend, my goal is to win Miss Arizona USA.  That would be great, right?  But this is sort of something I can’t control once the weekend begins…I can do my best, but it is completely up to the judges.  So it’s good to have another Goal, something that I can control, that will make me feel like I “won” Sunday night no matter what, to make this an even more meaningful experience.  What a great way to live our lives, if every time we tried for a certain “goal” (wanna win State Volleyball anyone?) we had another goal in mind as well that we had 100% control over that we can still shoot for and WIN at, and make our experiences that much richer…AND to realize that there are more important things than winning and losing.
So I’ll just tell you a few of mine (of course I have more than one!  Do you know me?!). 
1.  To be fully present at all times.  This is definitely something I struggle with… “I can’t wait to go to college..”; “I can’t wait to get married..”; “I can’t wait for Bootcamp to be here..”; “ I can’t wait for Bootcamp to end!!”  …on and on.  I am making it a general goal in my life, but especially this weekend.  This also includes having fun in every situation.  Rehearsals: fun. Sharing a room with (sort of) a stranger: fun.  The frightening experience of being on stage: fun.  Bleeding Blisters from fancy heals right before I step out on stage: dude so not fun.  But I promise to smile.
2.  Connect, even a little bit, with each contestant (I think there are 49??).  So I also have a tendency to stick with who/what I am comfortable with, and in doing so I miss out on connecting with others, stretching myself, etc.  So sitting with a different group of girls each meal, hanging out with different people, etc. is the game plan.  OH and making them laugh of course.  This could potentially make blisters fun.  Noted.
And Lastly, Britt told us to set an appointment on the Monday after the pageant to do something for someone else.  Another great idea!  Seriously, especially during the last 2 weeks I have felt like everything has been about me…what we talk about at lunch, what I talk about over drinks with friends, emails and texts and Facebook messages, going to fitting appointments, wardrobe advice, people consoling me when I cry… I mean I am kind of gagging on myself to tell you the truth.  At the time Britt told us to do this, I was like – “ya, great idea…this is right up my alley.”  But lately I have realized just how wise this advice really is when we do something like this!  I literally am SO Excited to do something for somebody else, and not talk about the pageant, and just focus on what I’m doing and who I’m with.  This needs to be about Them.  A little humility, a little back to reality, and we’re all set.  And of course I’m not telling you what I’m doing.

I don't know how these two are both true at the same time, but they just are:
This is just a Pageant.
This is more than just a Pageant.
I hope you take away some of this for your next Big Thing.  Stay grounded, and have fun!


  1. I'm glad that u grls are being told that when u are going through the process of pagentry thing. i know im an outsider but i feed a handfull of you grls and it seems like they do ask a lot out of u.

  2. Well done Kristin. I think you're doing an excellent job of keeping it real, and the goals you have selected are awesome. One little suggestion: when I focus on keeping my mind present in the "here and now," I try also to do so in a non-judgmental way. In other words, I try not to evaluate too much what is going on...it is what it is. And as you so wisely pointed out, we don't have control over everything...but we know who does. You are brave and strong. Peace!

  3. You are more grounded in your thinking and "life" than you give yourself credit for. I wish I would have been so focused!! You will do great this weekend in more ways than you will even know. Experiencing the experience is wise. The only other advice I have and that was told to me years ago (it has to do with being in the moment) "Pay Attention" Look & Listen & Learn

    Love & Hugs
    Connie (toastmasters)