Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Universal To-Do List

So this weekend is also a big weekend for another member of my family, my baby sister Maddy!  She is a super studd on her high school varsity volleyball team in South Dakota, and they are at the SD State Championship Tournament right now!!!!!!  So apparently our family is pretty cool right now.  Special THANKS to our parents for being the best supporters a kid could ask for!  My dad will be in SD cheering the girls on, and my mom and 2 friends are flying out to support me!  What a blessing this truly is.

The best part:  When two sisters have a Big Weekend, apparently only ONE packing list is needed to cover any situation.  So, thanks to Maddy for making a very detailed packing list for her volleyball tourney, and also thanks for leaving it out for Dad to steal and scan to ME!  This is basically everything I'll need for my pageant weekend.  Just change "nice shirt" to my Evening Gown, and those "kakie pants" (maddy..Kakie??) to my Interview Dress,  and the "spandex" to my Swimsuit, and we're all set.  I may or may not leave the head bands at home.  Oh ya, and mom when you come can you just bring the money?  Great...thanks!

GO PANTHERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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