Thursday, November 11, 2010

AAANNND some pictures

My Dressss

Booty Shot

The Suit, minus the is this OK?

Fancy Shoes..

Oh and Ellie my Elephant.  Just a little gift from the love of my life, plus a source of pure enjoyment every time I prance past it in my heals during those commercial breaks.  Everyone should have a little project while they work on a Big Project that's just for fun.  Let's not get too serious people. 


  1. KRISTIN!!! The dress is gorgeous!! Perfect for your skin tone! ;)

  2. Kristin I'm 1- in love with that dress, and 2- not sure how you manage to work out twice a day AND not eat sweets. Good luck!!

  3. Kristin because I know how beautiful you are on the inside...

    THE SWIM SUIT SHOT????????? Girlfriend, where have you been hiding??????

    That is a Sport's Illustrated COVER SHOT. Like REALLY.

    Your dress takes my breath away. Wow. I'm speechless as you know that doesn't happen often.

    Your blog continues to be so you, so funny, and so inspiring.

    It's simply my privilege to witness a beautiful young woman, inside and out, who knows who she is take on the world because of that.

    How does that crown feel anyway?


  4. Well, I have magic powers I guess. How my post got posted three times, I have no idea!!!! So the two deleted were the same as the one I didn't.
    I'm cracking myself up as usual!

  5. Haha Traci! You are funny..that pic is from the catelog I bought it from..SOooo not me :) haha! Thank you so much everyone for your amazing support!!!!!!!

  6. Love love the dress.....gorgeous!!! Bathing suit is very nice too! Both are the perfect colors for you! I'm so excited for this weekend! You are in my prayers!! Love you girl!