Friday, October 22, 2010

Dancing With The Former Miss Arizona 2011

So a few months ago a peer coach of mine suggested I write out a list of 100 reasons I want to be Miss Arizona, because I was lacking some motivation at the time.  I came up with about 52 reasons (and called it good), but it was a great experience!  It’s a great way to get down to the real core of why you want to do something, and I suggest it to anyone who needs a little help with motivation.  I am often at the gym thinking of some of these list items when I am wondering why the heck I have to do another set of bent over dumbell rear delts at this ungodly hour.

Anyway, I recently thought of reason #53:  I really want to be on Dancing with the Stars someday.  I mean, I love, LOVE, this show.  I used to think it was pretty lame, a sort of old-fashioned show for the “older” crowd who wish TV was the way it used to be, like the Carol Burnett Show or something.  Well, I guess I was sucked in for two reasons this season, #1 being Bristol Palin, a “non-celebrity” celebrity who I admire a lot for her PSA ad about teen pregnancy ; and #2 because my second boyfriend, Kurt Warner, is on too!  Yes yes I’m a little narcissistic with 2 trainers, 2 boyfriends..ANYWAY,  I just can’t stop watching the show and wishing I was on it.  As Joel can testify, even the night we met we were out dancing and I asked him to do my – as he calls it – “signature move,” saying “hey, can you Twirl me please?”  Ooh the twirl..

So, just another reason to get my butt in the gym in the morning….after my reign as Miss AZ, I will be writing a very convincing letter to DWTS to invite me on the 2012 season.  Here goes nothin!

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