Monday, October 6, 2014

Meal-Planning Start-Up

I have been in a super huge food rut lately, eating the same things day in and day out.  I mean, the SAME. THINGS.

So I decided to do two things today:

1. Get some meal planning inspiration online, and

2. Get a Costco Membership!!!!

It's time, you guys.  No more hearing about my friends list all of their favorite Costco foods, or reading about or seeing on IG with great envy this chick taking her little chick-a-dees.

And I am happy to announce that both goals were accomplished!!

So, of course I have been to a Costco before, but it was so much fun with my own little membership card and my own little [massive] cart going up and down every isle.  My bank account was not thrilled, but this mama and her bland shelves were.

Also, I came across this really Awesome 2-week meal plan that included meal ideas for all meals and snacks in the day, and I seriously printed - yes you read that right - printed -  off so many of the recipes. They are just healthy enough (or easily adjusted to be more healthy) for what we like.  There was also a recipe for healthy fudgecicles which - can you GET enough fudgecicles in your life?

No. I think not.

So, I'm sure you'll hear me ramble on about a recipe or two in the near future, so come back if you dare. And if you have any favorite meal planning guides I'd love to hear about them!!!!!!

...Ahem.  This is part of my current 31 Days of Awesome Kick.


  1. Yay! I love Costco! :) the only way I get out of ruts with food is when I focus on eating seasonally and start with the veggies. It helped when I found a little farm nearby with a produce stand that is SO cheap; I wanted to go there to save money and support the farmer, and it ended up really kicking some creativity into our meals :)

    1. Kallah I love this idea!! Thank you so much!! It is also reminding me that I had planned on painting a section of chalk board in my kitchen to list all of the seasonal fruits and veggies on it. I'm so glad you said this! Thanks for stopping by! :)