Sunday, October 5, 2014


This morning I woke up in the dark and headed out to the MP9k, a race that helps support Maggie's Place (my previous employer / the best nonprofit ever).  

It was a great morning -- beautiful weather, a good friend to jog/walk beside with our strollers, and our little girls were just the cutest in their race bibs for the Kid's Dash.  

I just think her ponytail is the cutest thing ever.  Basically because I'm her mom.

It was truly an awesome morning seeing old and new friends, enjoying the beautiful weather that we've been waiting (And waiting) for, and pushing myself to jog Faster!!! as the cutest 3-year-old slave driver above shouted us on.

...Ahem.  This is part of my current 31 Days of Awesome Kick.

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