Sunday, August 17, 2014

God & the Justin Timberlake Concert, plus Answer Me This!

OK you guys.

Last week Joel and I were given tickets to the Justin Timberlake concert, and can I tell you? It was amazing. 

I am not a "huge" JT fan, but who doesn't have his top hits on your workout mix memorized, right?  So we took the tickets, dressed ourselves up and headed out to the West Side.  (cue W hand gesture)

Ok well I don't mean to be weird and all, but I was seriously moved by the concert.  A step weirder, it was like, I felt GOD at the Justin Timberlake concert.  I said to Joel as we left the arena, "I am just so inspired as a human being right now."  He did just an amazing show (and with almost zero sleaze btw) and I couldn't quite wrap my head around it until now.

You see, it made me think of a book I read in college called "The World's First Love" by the Venerable Fulton Sheen.  Stay with me here.  In it, Sheen talks about the fact that everything and everyone in the universe has a blueprint designed by an outline of our highest being within ourselves, which God planned for us as our highest potential.  Another analogy would be like a score of music - a perfect representation of a song on paper, even though how it is played is usually slightly different. 

Each flower, tree, etc. are the perfect fulfillment of their blueprints, and are exactly as God intended, however human beings, because we have free will and are not perfect, do not quite fulfill our blueprints or "highest potential" until Heaven.  (He goes on to say that Mary was actually the fulfillment of her blueprint while on Earth, unlike any other human being, which is why she was chosen to be the mother of Jesus.)

Anyway, I couldn't help but be struck by God's idea of Justin Timberlake at his show, in that moment, in his element, because it was like we were getting a tiny glimpse of something close to his Highest Talent Potential...the Talent side of his Blueprint that God himself designed.  That God Himself Thought Of And Designed And Intended.  And it was amazing to witness.

It also reminded me how important it is to surround ourselves with things that inspire us to be better people, and get closer to our "blueprints" that God has designed in each of us.  I think most of us, including myself, have no idea what we are capable of in terms of greatness.  It is a frightening, humbling, and exhilarating thing to consider.


WOW! That got deep.
On to some fun Q&A's with Kendra!

1. What is your favorite room in the house?

Oh what a tough question!! I love my house, but of course like many of us, there is a looooong list of things that needs updating.
With that said, I will talk about 2.5 rooms.
Room #1: I love our kitchen/living room.  It is very open-concepty and was one of the main reasons we bought the house. The kitchen is pretty spacious and has most everything I need, and the living room has a great built-in bookshelf, a huge picture window that looks into our backyard and french doors that take you outside.  I love that I can sit on the couch and talk to Joel while he's cooking a late night dinner for himself, or easily watch Mia play in the living room while I prepare lunch.  We definitely plan on remodeling the kitchen down the road, but it's fine for now.

Your welcome for not cleaning up.

Favorite Room # 2. I'm also a big fan of the wallpaper and decorations of Mia's room.  Also because it's the room I probably put the most work into so far...

2. Do you subscribe to any magazines or other periodicals?

My niece does a fundraiser for her school each year through a magazine subscription service, and I am more than happy to have an excuse to subscribe to Real Simple Magazine.  I love it, even though I only look at about every-other one that comes to my door.  

3. How do you feel about the sign of peace in Mass? Enriching? Awkward? Overdone? Just right? Some combination of the above?

I think the sign of peace is a super important part of Mass and I was shocked to find it they were considering doing away with it!  Crazies!  Among some other symbolism, I always thought it was where you also "forgive" those in your life as well (and through giving peace to those around you, it references everyone in your life) even the little things that annoy you or something small you might be holding onto, since we're supposed to have those cleared from our heart when we receive the Eucharist.  I'm not sure if that's 100% liturgically accurate but I've always found it a good exercise to examine my heart each week at this time.  

4. What is your least favorite sound?

The screeching sound our guest bedroom "sliding" closet doors make.  One of the wheels is missing, so it makes a blood curdling sound.

5. What was your favorite TV show (or shows) growing up?

I remember watching a lot of Saved By The Bell growing up.  My mom wasn't thrilled with the show but she always slept in on Saturday mornings so I watched it anyway.

I also loved Hey Dude and Are You Afraid of The Dark? on Nickelodeon.  Wow that is bringing me back!

6. What is your favorite TV show now?

Hm..that's a tough one.  I love the The Today Show minus the stupid Orange Room nonsense.  And I can never get enough of The Office, and I love Downtown Abbey.  I get a good laugh out of The Bachelor/ette when I'm not upset about what it says about our society..and I like Modern Family though I haven't seen it in a while.

I'm trying really hard to watch less and less TV...we'll see how that goes with the new shows lineup this fall.

Ok wow now I'm really done.
Have a great week everyone!

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