Thursday, October 3, 2013

7 Quick Takes

Linking up with Jen over at Conversion Diary for some awesome Quick Takes!

1. This is my first Quick Takes post.  After reading many Many of these from my blogger-friend types like Ana, Grace, and Lauren, I thought it was time to try it out.  And if you know anything about my vocab, you'd know that "quick" is used more than a million.

"First I need to quick call my dad."
"Okay you get on Netflix while I quick go to the bathroom."
"Can you quick hand me that pen?"

While my grammar needs some work, apparently I prefer things on the "quick" side.
The 7 Quick Takes are right up my alley.

2. I was sitting at my computer at our kitchen table the other day, and heard Mia start fussing in the background.  I left her on her back playing with those dangling toys of hers, and it is not uncommon for her to get bored at exactly the 15 minute mark and require my assistance entertainment.  I was in the middle of reading something so I thought, like any responsible parent, "oh she'll be fine for a minute, I'll be right there."

Four and a half minutes of (mild) fussiness later I stand up and look over at her, and she's like:

Whoops.  Poor little Mia..

3. Did you notice that Bumbo seat on the floor in that above pic?  I will use this quick take to pat myself on the back for that.  Everyone knows we all love to use them on tables and counter tops like we Aren't Supposed To.  So, I will give myself 1 pretty parenting point for following directions, warning materials, pamphlets, those red exclamation signs, etc. that comes with the packaging like a good parent.

Well with the previous minus point, I am at least even.

4. It is finally Friday!!!  This is a momentous occasion, people.  My loving husband has been away for the past 5 (full) days (and nights) on a work trip (I could've used "business trip," but it just sounded so...briefcasey).

Add in that I have come down with a crazy un-fun virus, and this pretty much sucks.

Not that I get the Mom of the Year award or anything..I know many, many single moms (or moms and dads with tough schedules) out there who do this without blinking.  I have stepped into their shoes for just an instant, and gained some deep respect for them.  And I only have 1 little babe to take care of! and not let her get folded up into toys and whatnot!

5. Did you know that you can make your own Someecards?  Like those super hil-ARious ones with the old fashiony photos and sarcastic lines?  

One little example (I did not create):

Go to, friends.
I am working on a "work" project with them (I swear!) and decided I would prefer to be paid full-time to create these.  It's super fun, you should try it.

6.  For those of you who are Catholic, it is possible you threw up a "hey" to my homegirl St. Therese in a novena like fashion.  If you have no idea what I'm talking about, feel free to skip. :)

Anyway - my novena life has officially changed by a website called  After you sign up at their site for the most recent novena, (they stick with the official feast days of course) they email you every day not only to remind you to pray that day but it includes the novena prayer itself in the email! Genius.

Needless to say, this was the first time I've actually finished a novena in years.  Welcome to my super geeky Catholic side.

7.  Well friends, you wouldn't believe it, but Joel and I both decided, within a week of each other, and without telling each other till later, that we were joining the world of Twitter.

After zero previous conversations about Twitter, joining Twitter, tweets, anything starting with the letters tw, nothing.

And both of us using our middle names in our handles. Weird.

But what a strange and fun world it is!  I feel like such an oldie! I had to ask my friend how to use it today.  I am 28, people, not that old.

But it's fun, and funny!  I have really enjoyed it.  Ok now I am even sounding like an oldie.

So, follow me (and my husband if you want some fitness-related inspirashe)

Do the capital letters matter? I have no idea...If I have to ask Google one more thing about Twitter..uugh, I feel so old.

Happy Friday!


  1. I loved your quick takes! it was nice to have something fun to read when Joshua decided it was time to start his day at 5:15. :)
    Hope you feel better soon and "Happy husband comes home today" day!!

    1. Thanks Lauren! I am up at 5 (my time) here as well. I forgot an important take while tending to Miss Mia. Thank goodness she is back down. Joshua go back to bed for your mama!

  2. Visiting from Conversion Diary and wanted to tell you that your daughter is a cutie and that photo of her all tangled up made me laugh! I'm not a parent yet but I guarantee this will be me when I am. Happy Friday:)

    1. Thanks for visiting Julie! And that photo still makes me laugh, every time I look at it. Let's hope Mia grows up with a similar sense of humor :)

  3. These were so fun to read! Thanks for joining in!

    1. Thank you Jen! It was time to finally join, thanks again for hosting :)