Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Five Faves Vol. 1

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1.  Dove's dry shampoo.

For thin-ish hair people like me, and a new mom to boot (who says 'to boot?') dry shampoo is a must!  Plus, I reaaally like the smell of Dove's and actually, so does my husband.  Every single time I wear it he sniffs me and says - "mm, you smell good."  

{Thanks! It's my dry shampoo signaling the fact that I haven't showered in 2 days and my hair is greasy.}

Aw, thanks babe!

2. This little awesome idea called Little Free Library. Basically, you put up a cute little book storage birdhouse type thing and people in your neighborhood/community are welcome to swap books ("take a book, leave a book").  Check out this map if you want to find a registered one near you!

I just l-o-v-e this idea. What a cool way to build community, share resources, read some books you may otherwise have never found, make reading extra fun with our little kiddos, etc. etc. etc. I know in my neighborhood there are plenty of families with little kids.  If I can convince my husband, I am totally going to turn myself into el steward of the Little Free Library Wrigley Terrace edition.  (PS. It doesn't need to be just for little kids!)  

Papa Joe, it's time to build us a Lil Library!

3. Speaking of Papa Joe (aka. my dad), he also makes the list for his super awesome article published in The Bishop's Bulletin from the Diocese of Sioux Falls, SD.  He is studying to become a Deacon and spent 3 months visiting men and women in jail.  His article is a gem of a quick read and can be found on page 12 if you're interested!

4.  The TV show Scandal.

Oh, my, goodness I am so excited Netflix just released the second season!  We watched the first season right after we brought Mia home and were experiencing a lot of couch time, and I have gone back and forth whether or not to just purchase the rest of the episodes on amazon or something like a crazy impatient person would do.  I am SO excited (if you can't tell) that Netflix just gifted me with 12 more episodes of viewing pleasure.

5.  These tall, wide mouth Ball jars I found at Target yesterday.  They sell for about a buck a piece, and are perfect for storing cold-coffee-to-have-iced-coffee-tomorrow since it's apparently still 110 degrees here.  I love that the wide mouth makes it more like a drinking glass.  I just love these jars in general.

Happy Wednesday!

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