Sunday, August 14, 2011


Well if you haven’t noticed, it’s been a while since we began here discussing Marriage and Weddings 101.  I apologize deeply for this, but as anyone who has, or has helped plan a wedding knows, I’ve been a busy girl.

So dedicated to planning in fact, that even though I am embarrassed to say, I am also inclined to stay true to honesty on this one, to tell you that my busy-ness has led me to self-prescribed pre-carpal-tunnel syndrome.  What this pain has brought me:
The most beautiful wedding dress I found online (after *cough*2*cough* other attempts),
Finding my DJ and Photographer
Many days-worth of ideas from,,, etc.
Countless emails to my mom , dad, Brooke at Brookes Party Rentals, etc.
My wedding website, and most recently..
My wedding map (my new favorite thing).

Welcome to planning a wedding 1,336 miles away.

Update: By the way, here's a picture of that dress from the day-of:

I also have been doing an exorbitant amount of push-ups lately, to prepare for wearing the Dress.  This is probably not helping matters with my pre-carpal-tunnel.  

ANYWAY, I know you’ve all been wondering about the mucus talk so let’s get at it.

One of the classes we just finished taking was Natural Family Planning.  I will decline from taking this opportunity to defend this very scientifically updated, healthy, chemical free, pain free, communication and relationship –building, 98% effective, empowering…Method that can be used to avoid pregnancy J, I will instead discuss what you are all wondering about: namely, sitting in a comfortable office, next to your fiancé (who happens to be male don’t forget) facing the instructor, and a picture book.  A picture book you might ask?  What’s so bad about that?  Well it’s not bad of course, but the pictures are of mucus.  All the different kiiinds of mucus.  Damp, wet, shiny, gummy, gluey, pasty, creamy, tacky, clear, cloudy, cloudy-clear, yellow, stretchy up to ¼ inch, stretchy up to ¾ inch, stretchy past an inch…stretchy with lubrication, stretchy without lubrication…gummy, gluey, pasty, creamy did I say all of these?   I mean..The honeymoon. Is over.

Let’s also just say that I have the most amazing, unflinchable fiancé in the world.  He really didn’t think this was that bad (at least that’s what he said when we got in the car after the session). 

And I would actually have to agree…the book wasn't that bad, but that’s really not the hard part.  The hard part is actually talking about your OWN mucus.  First of all, if the word Mucus wasn’t so bad this whole thing might be a little easier.  But starting sentences like … “well on Saturday my mucus was like ______, and then the next day it was __________, but then yesterday the weirdest thing…it was ______________. 

Now that is humbling.  If a guy can know that kind of detail about his fiancé / wife, I truly believe they are set for life.  To be serious, it takes respect, maturity and real love (not just the mushy feelings) to get through conversations like that.  All in all, I am very glad we took the class, grew in our relationship, are planning on using the method, and are probably going to welcome Joel Bodie Jr. 9 months from November 26.  Just kidding J

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