Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Crib Rail Cover DIY

The other day I went into Mia's room, thinking, "boy, I thought I would have needed a crib rail cover by now."  I had casually kept my eye on the the top of it for teeth marks, and still didn't see anything..

Then I decided to look inside "just in case," and found...


What a mistake I had made.  A Big. Big. Mistake.  She's had teeth for 6 months..what was I thinking!

I went straight (humor me here) to Joann's to get some fabric to cover these babies up.  It was so easy! Here are the simple, no-sew steps:

1. I laid the fabric (I only bought 1 yard, and had plenty extra) over the railing to measure how much I needed to cut.  I wish I had cut some extra length-wise, since it pulls towards the middle once you start tying the knots.  Also, make sure you cut at least 4-5 inches past the bottom of the top rail for the strips that you'll tie together.

This is what I mean:

2. I cut the fabric into a long rectangle.  (Don't cut the strips just yet.)

3. I laid it back over the railing, and cut the strips in between each rail (I cut the back strip and front strip at the same time).  To make sure the fabric didn't shift around while I cut, I first cut the strips on each end and tied them, and then I cut the ones in the middle. Here's a closer look:

4. Then I tied the knots.

5. And lastly, I cut these remaining strips:

My strips were just the right length so I didn't need to trim the ties, but if you need to trim the ties, this is your last step.

And there you have it!

I sort of wish I had chosen a solid color, since the wallpaper is so busy in the background, but oh well.  

This project cost me $4.00, was a perfect no-sew solution, and once I got back from the store it took me mayyybbeee 30 minutes.  And there's enough fabric to cover the side rails too if I need to.



  1. Hi Kristin, I had read this post a while back and thought of it today when my sister called to say her nine-month old has started eating the crib like nine-month olds do. I'm going to send her the link and I think I'm going to make one too. Our crib is already destroyed from the other four kids, but that doesn't mean I can't prevent my current baby from making a final meal out of it :) Thanks for this great (and easy!) idea!

    1. Oh I'm so glad it was helpful! Hope they are working well for your cribs! :)